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KLIA Parking And Fees

KLIA Parking And Fees

There are two main car parks at KLIA with a total of 11, 442 parking lots.

Short-Term Car Park Facility

For short-term car parks (covered car park) comprises of for seven-storey blocks (Block A, B, C and D) with bus bays and motorcycle parking spots.

The short-term parking charges are based on the rates below:

  Hours  Rates
  1st hour or part thereof  RM4.00
  2nd hour or part thereof  RM4.00
  3rd hour or part thereof  RM4.00
  4th hour or part thereof  RM3.00
  5th hour or part thereof  RM3.00
  6th hour or part thereof  RM2.50
  7th hour or part thereof  RM2.50
  8th hour or part thereof  RM2.50
  9th hour or part thereof  RM2.50
  10th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  11th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  12th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  13th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  14th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  15th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  16th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  17th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  18th hour or part thereof  RM2.00
  19th hour or part thereof  n/a
  20th-24th hour or part thereof  RM46.00

Long-Term Car Park Facility

Drivers who desire to park their cars at KLIA for a long-term basis can do so with a minimum parking period of four (4) days at RM144.00 with additional RM15.00 per day. The long-term parking lots are at Block A.

Touch & Go

Touch & Go (TNG) facilities are available at all entry and exit. Additional charge 10% will be imposed on top of the parking tier rate.

Loss Of Chip Coin

A RM50.00 penalty charge will be imposed on top of the required parking charges for any loss or damage of the chip coin.

Clamping Penalty

The management reserve the right to clamp any vehicle parked outside of the allocated parking lots. A penalty of RM100.00 will be required to be paid to the management in order for the clamp to be released.

4WD Designated Parking

There are dedicated parking areas offered to 4 Wheel Drive vehicle owners at Level 2, Block B and C. Drivers will be required to register their name and vehicle's number plate upon entry and they will be provided a card as evidence of entry. The card has to be returned to the security personnel before they are allowed to leave the parking area.

Motorcycles parking charges - RM1.00 per entry

Contact Info

Car Park Management
Block C, Ground Floor, Short Term Car Park
KL International Airport
64000 KLIA
Selangor, Malaysia

CCTV Control Room: +603 8776 8444 (24 hours)

Season Pass Counter: +603 8776 8464 (Office hours)

Payment Counter Block B: +603 8776 8221 (24 hours)

Payment Counter Block C: +603-8776 8451 (24 hours)



  KLIA Information  

Airport Particular

Airport Code: IATA: KUL / ICAO: WMKK
Airport Name: Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Location: Sepang
State: Selangor
Distance from city: 45 km from city center
Direction from city: South from city center

Contact Information

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Malaysia Airports Corporate Office
Persiaran Korporat KLIA
64000 KLIA, Sepang
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel:  +603 8777 7000 (HQ)
Tel:  +603 8776 2000 ext 3136 / 3145 (Airport)
Fax: +603 8777 7778 (HQ)

Email: care@malaysiaairports.com.my

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